Legal Information and Documents


SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC) is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center operated by Leland Stanford Junior University under a Management & Operating Contract on behalf of the Department of Energy (DOE).

SLAC, as a DOE National Laboratory, is authorized to make its facilities available to others when private sector facilities are unavailable (and thus the laboratories would not be in competition with private industry) and on a non-interference basis (ensuring that accomplishment of the DOE mission is not hindered), and to partner with external sponsors under Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP) and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA). 

SLAC partners include foreign and domestic private companies, universities, non-profits, other Federal government agencies, and state and local institutions. 

All work for partners is conducted by DOE laboratories and facilities is governed by a DOE policy and orders, which provides a consistent set of guidelines for the conduct of  partnership agreements.  These policies outline the overall “rules of engagement” for partnership activities by providing the criteria for DOE approval and acceptance of partnership projects.  

In addition, DOE Office of Science laboratories follow cost accounting standards and DOE Order 522.1 “Pricing of Departmental Materials and Services,” on every SPP project, for full cost recovery to the laboratory and the Department.  This includes a 3% Federal Administrative Charge (FAC) to defray costs of the Federal workforce that monitors/oversees the SPP program/projects, unless the project is granted an exception by the DOE Chief Financial Officer (CFO). DOE requires advanced payment for reimbursable work agreements such as SPPs and CRADAs. For further information, please see the DOE Financial Management Accounting Handbook on Reimbursable Work. 

SLAC may be a subcontract or a subrecipient for a partner's externally funded research grant or award.  View our PDF icon financial and audit certification information and further information on audits, rates, and compliance will be provided by your business partner at SLAC.

SPP plays an important role in strengthening core capabilities at the laboratories that, in turn, enable the laboratories to better serve the DOE and the American taxpayer.