Industries may partner with SLAC to develop new innovating products and services which would contribute to energy independence, protect our environment and increase our economic prosperity.


Available Partnering Opportunities

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA)

  • A CRADA is a collaborative research agreement between SLAC and public and/or private entities for the mutual benefit of the parties

  • Partner must provide research funds or in-kind contributions which may include personnel, services, facilities, equipment, intellectual property of other resources.

  • Each party retains title to its own inventions. CRADA-generated information may be protectd from public disclosure for up to 5 years

Work For Others

  • A WFO agreement is a fee for service contract that enables Industry/non-profit institutions/non-federal entieis to pay SLAC to perform a defined scope of work or tasks that draws upon the expertise of SLAC

  • Work performed by SLAC is fully funded by the non-DOE entity.

  • Sample WFOA document may be found at

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) / Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

  • SBIR and STTR are U.S. Government programs in which small business may compete for grants which provide direct financial assistance to aid research and product development.

  • The small business must meet certain criteria to compete.

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